Sobre el propietario y fundador de Vitality Solutions


About Joan

Joan is consultant, guest speaker, international licensed trainer of NLP, licensed sports performance coach and Coach trainer. She received her NLP training in the U.S. directly from NLP co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler and is part of his selected international team of assisting trainers. Her wide range of experience in the Netherlands and abroad has a common factor: working with people. She is an international ACSM-licensed health&fitness professional and worked as senior manager for the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs at embassies in Khartum, Madrid, Kabul, Baghdad and Paris. For several years now her focus has been on providing official NLP training courses and on coaching professionals, private persons and high performance sporters towards becoming their best version. She is also guest speaker for (international) organisations and companies.

About Vitality Solutions

Founded in 2015, Vitality Solutions offers official high quality NLP training courses in Dutch and in English, acknowledged by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming of Dr. Richard Bandler. Its mission is to offer NLP tools to as many people as possible, in order to accelerate learnings and developmental evolution as well as actualize one's highest potential. From more positive feelings and thoughts one can appreciate and respect others' views better, thus enabling genuine interest in each other, enhancing interpersonal connections and working together towards a better world.

The sea as inspiration

'My favourite passtime is to be near or in the sea. Its colours, the rhythm of the waves breaking on the shore, the refreshing feel and taste of its water and its unique salty smell offer a full sensory experience and make me feel one with nature. The sea represents Life. It's always moving. Vitality Solutions' logo and colours are inspired by it. The touch of orange is inevitable: it's the Dutch national colour. I have lived and worked in many places, sometimes in extreme circumstances. It is in the Netherlands where I mostly experience what we often take for granted: freedom and room and facilities to de-velop oneself.' Joan Hoexum