Our intrinsic motivation

Have you asked yourself why you think, feel and behave the way you do? Do you feel that something inside of you drives you and you can't really explain or put a name to that feeling? Ever noticed how someone expresses themselves by using their hands as if taking something invisible from inside their body to the outside while saying: "It's just the way I am?"
This is exactly what we mean with intrinsic motivation. It is information that is seated in our body and that is partly passed on from our ancestors and partly taken from unconscious learning experiences in the first fourteen years of our life. An assessment that in a unique way not only maps our intrinsic drivers, but also shows how each individual prioritizes them in our own unique way, is the Reiss Motivation Profile®

Based on empirical research by Prof. Steven Reiss,, the Reiss Motivation Profile® RMP is a consistent assessment that reveals what motivates you deep down and drives your behavior. A valuable tool for personal and team coaching, for making important study or career choices, for athletes to know clearly what they are best at, and for relationship therapy based on comparative Reiss profiles.

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Reiss motivation profile